Untitled (Sea View Hotel)

12_HarrietQuaye (Untitled - Rubble)

“When they broke everything [destruction of Sea View Hotel], that place was nice, that’s why I took a picture of the rubble. Although it’s dirty, but it’s nice. This place [painted part] is nice, this place [rubble] is the dirty part. The rubbish makes it dirty. People do live there now. Some people go there and go and bathe at the back. People used to do outdooring there and parties, you can still go and play ball there. There is a church near there. They will come and take everything and build another house there. People living there dump rubbish there. Sometimes if the rain falls and if the water is coming fast, the rubbish in the area goes there.”

— Photo by Harriet Quaye, 13 years old, from Jamestown (Accra, Ghana).