Our Youth Participants

These young visionaries – who range from the ages of 11 to 17 – live in different parts of Ga Mashie, and bring insightful perspectives from the everyday life of their community.

Teresa Meka, a professional photographer and workshop faciliator, lead a series of workshop sessions with the youth, from the basics of camera work to engaging with their subjects. [follow Teresa Meka on facebook and instagram]

Their photos, captured over the course of a few weeks in 2016, were taken by each of these youth, and chosen by them as their favorite photos to share with the world:

“I learned how to take photos, how to press on the camera and take nice pictures, and I think I have learned a lot from the workshop…I like it…[if I could take photos again] I would take a lot of pictures in my community. I would also like to go to the beach and take photos of the lighthouse, the canoes and other things.” – Benedicta Allotey

“I’ve learned how to use the camera and how to change the settings…I like using the camera because it will be my document; if people are fighting and I snap the photo, the other time I told them they are fighting among theirselves, they will say it’s a lie and I will show it to them…I like to take photos of Ussher Fort, James Fort, the sea, the children who do not attend school because they have to attend school so that they will be a big people in the future.” – Jehosephat Okine

“I like photography. You can take photos to show people things. You can use it to educate people. I would like to take more photos of James Fort, the chief’s palace and Ussher Fort.” — Mustapha Abass 

“I have learned how to use a camera and how to take a photo, I have a phone and can take photos with my sisters, and I snap photos. I take a picture because I feel like taking it. If I see a place that is nice, and I feel like taking it, I will take it. If I like the color, how they use the color and every color to paint, I will feel like snapping it.” – Sarah Gartey

“I like taking photos. I learned about how to use the camera and we went out to take some photos. And I asked please can I take these photos, and he or she said yeah, I said ok. I talked to people I didn’t know to take their photo. People playing the ball, fishermen doing the nets, woman who was taking fish from the net. I would take more photos of the sea, and of my place.” – Elisa Linford

This photography, people do it because maybe that is what he or she does everyday. Maybe that is where you used to get money to pay some children’s school fees. Maybe they need to sell some photos to build house, or you can sell photos and you can get like an amount of money and maybe people will share to together.” – Foster Malm